Home Baseball Baseball Challenge Tournament: NHL vs NBA

Being a pro at just one sport is one thing, but how good are you at other sports? What would happen if you were taken out of your sport and thrown into a completely different one? Here at TFL, we have decided to put that question to the test. We took eight NHL teams and eight NBA teams from the same respective cities and matched them up with one another. Here’s the catch: the sport in which they’ll compete will be baseball. We created a nine-man lineup (along with two bench spots) for each team, and decided which positions the athletes would play.  Each week we will have a different matchup and we want you to help decide which teams can better succeed at this specific sport. You can vote each week for who you have winning that specific matchup, and you will then be automatically entered to win free TFL gear. The more you vote, the better your chances of winning. Check out the bracket below to view the different match ups and you can start getting some ideas of who will be playing what positions, and who you have winning. Come back next Tuesday, November 19 for the first matchup: Los Angeles Kings vs. Los Angeles Clippers.


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